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Game Features

  • Interactive world map game to find correct shipping destination
  • Auto-zoom to each region/continent and find the destination country
  • Countdown timer for each question
  • Scoring based on number of attempts on each question

Ever thought of using an interactive Flash map to build a Flash game? Now it is possible making use of our Flash map templates.

Flash games involving maps can serve as trivia games to learn geography. The continents and oceans of the Earth, and the countries of the World can be easily learnt by creating a game with the map. Educators and school teachers would find this interesting for kids, it acts as a simple and effective teaching aid.

The example, using our World Combo template, shown here represents a shipping company to promote its shipping business. This shows that the map game can also be part of the promotional tool for logistics and shipping businesses, as well as multi-national entrepreneurs to identify different offices around the world.

Further modification of the map is possible. This includes theming to match educational and promotional needs, or saving the scores to a high score list and online scoring database.