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Game Features

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Game with English and Spanish support
  • Loading of puzzle images on-the-fly
  • Support snapping of finished puzzle pieces
  • 3 Different levels, with scoring based on the time to finish the puzzle

This demo shows a jigsaw puzzle game which assembles pictures of letters. It is a generic puzzle game which mimicks the traditional way to assemble a puzzle, with new features to make it a pleasurable game to play online.

This puzzle game has multiple language support. It has an English and a Spanish interface by simply selecting the language at the start of the game. The game consists of all 26 alphabets and they are scattered around the playing area. You can choose the alphabet you want to assemble and the puzzle would be loaded automatically. The game comes with 3 levels and differs in the number of puzzle pieces for each alphabet. It is a timed game and shorter time comes to a higher score.

The game features a snapping function for the puzzle pieces, so that similar shaped puzzles could be snapped together as a large piece. This resembles a real puzzle, which you can get several similar pieces as clusters and finally aggregrate to a larger, finished piece.