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Game Features

  • Cricket game with batting mode
  • Batting controlled by keyboard
  • Combination of cartoon game arena with photos

Cricket originates in England and it has been played from 16th Century. With the expansion of British Empire in 18thCentury, cricket has been spread overseas and gains popularity in Commonwealth countries like India, Pakistan and Australia. It is the second most popular sport, after Football, around the world.

Cricket is a bat and ball game plays between two teams of 11 players. It plays in a cricket field, which is usually oval in shape and covered by grass. Key activities are played in the central pitch area of the field. Two teams would take turn in batting and bowling. A run is achieved if a player hits the ball with his bat and runs the full length of the pitch and there are still other ways to score runs. A cricket game aims to scores as many runs as possible, and to dismiss the players of the competing team.

Our cricket game demo shows the batting part of the game, in which the player holds the bat to hit the ball to the field. Batting is done by keyboard controls to adjust the direction and force of hitting. The number of runs are calulcated by how the ball is hit. This game demo features a cartoon-based game with combination of a photo of game arena to create a photo-realistic background of a cricket field.

Further extension of this game is possible, like creation of the bowling mode to mimick a real cricket game. The batting control can be modified to use a mouse instead of keys on keyboard. Graphical changes and scoring can also be adjusted to fit your gaming needs.