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Game Features

  • Coloring game for pre-school kids
  • Rich interface and specially-crafted graphics
  • Allows printing of colored and blank graphics
  • Simulation of letter writing - serve as a teaching tool

This is a beautiful coloring game for pre-school kids for learning alphabets. All 26 alphabets are presented with a word starting with the letter and an image for childeren to color with. A palette with preset colors are presented and the alphabets and letters are displayed in the canvas. This game allows the saving of the original alphabet graphics for real painting, and a print function which allows kids to print out their painted works. This educational game also features animations on how the alphabets are drawn, thus suitable for children who are learning the correct stroke order of each alphabet as well.

Each alphabet graphics is a separate Flash file and it is replaceable by other graphics. Further change is possible for this game for different backgrounds, game controls, palette colors or gradient fills, and how the colorable graphics are aligned for painting.